The New Laravel Number Helper

December 14, 2023 (1y ago)

Introduction: Laravel Number Class

In the realm of application development, the demand often arises for the nuanced formatting of numbers to meet diverse criteria, be it for displaying them as currency, percentages, or human-readable file sizes. Noticing a gap in Laravel's offerings for a specialized utility in this domain. This utility class, a culmination of dedicated work over a span of time, has now found its place within the framework, marking an exciting milestone. Let's explore the distinctive features it introduces.

The Laravel Number Class

All methods are part of the class below:

use Illuminate\Support\Number;

The abbreviate method returns the human-readable format of the provided numerical value:

Number::abbreviate(1000);                  // 1K
Number::abbreviate(489939);                // 490K
Number::abbreviate(1230000, precision: 2); // 1.23M

Harness the format method to seamlessly format numbers based on the current locale:

Number::format(25)        // 25
Number::format(100000)    // 100,000
Number::format(123456789) // 123,456,789

Customize locale settings for precise formatting:

Number::format(123456789, locale: 'en') // 123,456,789
Number::format(123456789, locale: 'de') // 123.456.789
Number::format(123456789, locale: 'sv') // 123 456 789

Utilize the percentage method for easy percentage representation:

Number::percentage(25)                         // 25%
Number::percentage((1/3) * 100, precision: 2)  // 33.33%

Ideal for e-commerce applications, the currency method provides seamless currency formatting with locale support:

Number::currency(10)                                   // $10.00
Number::currency(25, currency: 'EUR')                  // €25.00
Number::currency(5.49, currency: 'EUR', locale: 'de')  // 5.49 €

The fileSize method, a pivotal feature, enables effortless conversion of file sizes:

Number::fileSize(1024)                    // 1 KB
Number::fileSize(1600, precision: 2)      // 1.56 KB
Number::fileSize(1024 * 1024 * 1024 * 5)  // 5 GB

For a more human-friendly representation, employ the forHumans method:

Number::forHumans(1000)                 // 1 thousand
Number::forHumans(12345)                // 12 thousand
Number::forHumans(12345, precision: 3)  // 12.345 thousand


In conclusion, this Laravel Number utility class not only streamlines numeric formatting but also provides a flexible and powerful solution for a wide array of formatting needs. Whether you're dealing with general numbers, percentages, currencies, file sizes, or human-readable formats, this utility class offers a versatile toolkit to enhance the presentation of numerical data in your applications. Explore its capabilities and elevate the user experience with polished and contextually appropriate numeric displays.

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