Tailwind CSS v3.4

December 20, 2023 (1y ago)


Exciting news! Tailwind CSS v3.4 has just been released, featuring dynamic viewport units, support for :has(), balanced headlines, subgrid, and a range of other enhancements. Explore the latest updates and take your web development to new heights.

"There’s nothing like building a major new product for finding all the features you wish you had in your own tools, so we capitalized on some of that inspiration and turned it into this — Tailwind CSS v3.4. As always the improvements range from things you’ve been angry about for years, to supporting CSS features you’ve never even heard of and probably can’t even use at work."


The list contains all the noteworthy items, yet for a few additional details that didn't quite make it into this post, be sure to explore the release notes.

Enhance your projects by updating to the latest version of Tailwind CSS. Install it from npm:

$ npm install tailwindcss@latest

Or try out all of the new features on Tailwind Play, right in your browser.

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